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Life’s Little Peaches, Pears, 

Plums & Prunes Cookbook 

101 Fruit Recipes 

by Joan Bestwick 

The fourth in the series, this book is full of hard to find 

and delicious peaches, pears, plums and prune recipes. 

Softbound, 7” x 7”, 144 pages. Item No. AB116, ISBN: 978-1-892384-11-9 

Price: $11.95










Home Style Cooking 

Recipes From My Family &  Friends To Yours 

by Liz Chartier 

Just what the title says, cooking home style. 

Over 400 recipes using easy to find ingredients 

and simple to follow instructions. Liz also 

incorporates her heritage with many Norwegian 

recipes too. All of these recipes are tried and 

true and sure to please. Loads of desserts, 

breads, soups and of course main dishes. 

Softbound, 7” x 10”, 224 pages, index, miscellaneous helpful hints. Item No. AB546, 

ISBN: 978-1-892384-54-6 

Price: $17.95






“Life Tastes Better Than Steak” Cookbook 

Edited by Gerry Krag, MA, RD and 

Marie Zimolzak, DTR 

“Life Tastes Better Than Steak” Cookbook is 

filled with heart disease reversal recipes that 

come straight from the hearts of those who 

wrote it: the patients and the families of a 

successful heart disease reversal program. 

Softbound, 7” x 10”, 304 pages, complete nutritional 

information for each recipe. Item No. 

AB905, ISBN: 978-0-932212-90-0 

Also available: The “Life Tastes Better Than 

Steak” Eating Plan, Item No. AB964, ISBN 978-0-932212-90-0 

Price: $17.95


Gardening Book


North Country Gardening 

by Neil Moran 

Neil Moran’s simple secrets to successful 

northern gardening can help you beat the odds 

when gardening in a cold climate. He shares 

these secrets with the reader in North Country 


Softbound, 7” x 10”, 216 pages. Item No. AB875, 

ISBN: 978-0-932212-87-0

Price: $16.95