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The Northwoods Readers








The Northwoods   Reader

A Love Affair With the U.P.

by Cully Gage

Selected stories from the very popular "Northwoods Reader" series

by author Cully Gage. These stories are sure to bring a smile to

the face of the reader. Relive life in "Tioga" in the early Upper

Peninsula. Any fan of the U.P. will love this book!

Softbound 5.5" x 8.5", 288 pages, Item No. AB720,

ISBN: 978-1-892384-72-0





 Price: $17.95





The Northwoods   Reader

Northern Love Affair,   Volume 2

Volume two of the Northwoods Reader set

combines book 4 (The Last Northwoods 

Reader),  book 8 (Tioga Tales) and A Love 

Affair with the UP. Get the second volume 

of the series today.

Softbound 6" x 9", 320 pages, Item No. AB086,

ISBN: 978-1-892384-08-9

 Price: $16.95

The Northwoods   Reader

Northern Memories,   Volume 3

The third and final volume of the

Northwoods Reader set includes book 2

(Tales Of The Old U.P.), book 6 (Still 

Another Northwoods Reader) and book 7 

(Old Bones And Northern Memories).

You’ll want to grab this one to complete

your series. Softbound 6" x 9", 320 pages, Item No. AB159,

ISBN: 978-1-892384-15-7

 Price: $16.95